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Using Word To Generate Pages


Word can be used to generate pages easily and quickly - following the below steps will help you easily produce new wiki pages for the NALWiki.

Step by Step

Below is a step by step guide:

1) First of all, open word and write what you'd like to be in the wiki:

2) Then save your file as an html file by going to File > Save As

3) Find your file and right click on it then go down to "Open With" then open the file with note pad. If the "open with" option doesn't appear press shift then (while holding the shift key) right click on the folder then go down to "open with". If notepad isn't in your list, go to the "Choose Program..." option and select it.

4) Once notepad is open, select all the text then go to Edit > File > Copy

5) Go to the wiki and the page you want to create, then right click and select paste.

6) Finally, save your file and see the results - edit as needed to remove unwanted text that is appearing. - there will be some!